Languages: Bulgarian, English, Spainish

Subtitles: Bulgarian, Russian, English, Spanish

Running Time: 90min

A film about the phenomenal sports career and turbulent life fate of the most famous Bulgarian around the world - Hristo Stoichkov. The film is dramatic story of the triumphs and tribulations of the born winner. It shows the mission to be a leader and to lead others in crucial moments in life, of real events and myths,for national confidence and nihilism.

"When people say that Man is as big as his dreams are, that fully applies to him."
Nasko Syrakov
Stoichkov’s teammate in the Bulgarian National team

"Sometimes Stoichkov sparks controversy around himself. But he is a genius in soccer and it is normal to be little crazy like all genius.
Latchezar Tanev
Stoichkov’s teammate in CSKA club and in the BulgarianNationalteam

"There are different types of major competitorsin the history of soccer, and each one has left his own trace. Butsuch a talent with such a character has never been gathered in one."
Aitor Begiristain – Txiki
Stoichkov’s teammate in "Barcelona"

"I used to sayhe was"nurtured with an evil milk". He had the inner strength and will to say: "I will go one step further than the rest of us".He could give more than 100% fromhimrself. Usually 100% is the maximum. But he pulled 56 % moresomehow!"
Johan Cruyff
Stoichkov’s coachin "Barcelona"

"Still I meet people on the street, who thank me for bringing Stoichkov in "Barca" team. I also brought Rivaldo, Maradona and Romario and other major players, but people remember Stoichkov."
Jose Maria Mingeya
Football agent, Stoichkov’s manager

"Stoichkov arrival in"Barcelona"was a gift from God to all of us."
Jose Carreras
Opera singer


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