Sport with no BordersHristoStoichkovis a member of the Board of Directors of “Sport without borders” Foundation. "Sport without Borders" Foundation is a nongovernmental organization, involved in charitable activities for the development and promotion of all sports, including in the context of Education, Science, Culture and Social Area.


Football Against HungerOn 17 February 2011 Hristo Stoichkov and Kristalina Georgieva, Bulgarian Commissioner joined the campaign "Professional Football Against Hunger", organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations /FAO/, the Association of European Professional Football Leagues /EPFL/ DG and Humanitarian aid /ECHO/ of European Commission.
As the largest source of humanitarian aid in the world, the European Union helps millions of people in trouble every year. Of course those who are hungry or are victims of disaster need a special treatment. The most popular sport in the world - soccer - is an excellent platform to raise the interest in the needs of people at risk of malnutrition and disasters. The first initiative of Hristo Stoichkov Team - ECHO, FAO and EPFL was a trip to Burkina Faso, where one of the projects funded by ECHO is unfolding to support thousands of starving families. The Legend said: "I witnessed how these organizations save lives and change them for better. They help people survive today and are better prepared for tomorrow."


National football coach Hristo Stoichkovis a member of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC). Stoichkov is among the ten famous athletes and businessmen whose applications for membership in the General Assembly were approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee in 2007. The news was announced by Stefka Kostadinova, the President of the Olympic Committee. "Bulgarian Olympic Committee needs such individuals, said Stefka Kostadinova, the President. - Young, ambitious, who have proved their capabilities and potential."

Bulgaria is one of the 14th participating countries on the first modern Olympic Games in Athens 1896. Bulgaria has won 220 medals on Olympics.According to the Olympic Charter members of the Olympic Committee and thereafter individual members of the National Olympic Committee may be people up to 70 years.,%20%2051,00,21,09,2007